Median Island and Buffers

Median islands and buffers provide a good source of beautification to the city. It is Street Maintenance's responsibility to make sure these areas stay clean and continue to improve the image of the City of Fresno.

The following are some of the ways Street Maintenance meets those goals:
  • Weed Abatement
    Street Maintenance maintains median islands and buffers about every 90 days (60 days for certain major arterial median islands). Regular maintenance includes weed abatement and litter control. Manual labor, pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are all used to assist with keeping the weeds tame throughout the year.


  • Low Limb Clearance:
    To keep traffic and pedestrians safe, low limb clearance is performed when necessary as crews maintain median islands or buffers. Crews will keep ground clearance on any trees in buffers or medians. Any tree limbs entering private property will not be trimmed by the city and considered the responsibility of the home owner to trim those limbs away if they wish.


  • Irrigation
    To keep the median islands and buffers green, both sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are used to water the city's median islands and buffers. These systems can become damaged and sometimes flood locations. Currently irrigation crews fix these problems if seen but with medians and buffers all over the city Street Maintenance relies on the public to make us aware of these situations. To contact Street Maintenance please refer to the phone number or electronic form below.

If you wish to notify Street Maintenance of any hazards with median islands and buffers, you can do so here or call the Street Maintenance office at (559) 621-1492.