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The City’s Weed Abatement Program - 

is a year-round effort to keep Fresno clean and safe.

Each year, the Community Revitalization Division deals with approximately 5,000 property owners of vacant lots and lots with vacant structures in order to mitigate weed issues. Violations pose a significant fire hazard during the peak fire season. Property owners are asked to maintain their property THROUGHOUT the year and to keep their property free from dry grass, weeds, trash, and debris. This means that the owner must disk and/or clean their lots and ensure that they remain free from fire hazards and debris all year long. If a property is found to have a violation with no visible attempts for clean-up, the property is summarily abated. The property owner is then billed for the cost of abatement plus an administrative fee. The average bill totals about $500.00.

During the fire season, our primary goal is to prevent fire hazards and blight through proactive code enforcement. However, the program continues year-round to keep City-owned and privately-owned lots and parcels free from weeds, trash, debris, abandoned cars, tires, overgrown vegetation, and tumbleweeds.

The compliance rate by property owners has increased each year. We appreciate your interest and hope the information provided helps you understand the City standards for vacant lots and lots with vacant structures.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Fresno clean and safe!

The following pages include information to help you comply with minimum abatement standards:

City Standards for Weed Abatement
Weed Abatement Information

The City of Fresno may require additional or more stringent abatement on certain properties because of special problems with terrain, land use, growth, location, or the fire history of the property. These standards apply to all weeds, grass, or other vegetation that is normally dry during the year, particularly in the summer, and all combustible rubbish. Standards also apply to all vacant and unimproved lots throughout the year, including those lots with vacant structures on them.

Additional information on this program can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at (559) 621-8400 or on our on-line reporting system.