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Should you feel you need assistance in completing an on-line application or special accommodations during the examination process due to a qualifying disability, please contact the Personnel Services Department in advance of the examination at (559) 621-6950.

The City of Fresno provides reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for individuals with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodations. The purpose of the documentation is to validate that an applicant for test accommodations is covered under the ADA as a disabled individual. Comprehensive information by a qualified professional is necessary to allow the City of Fresno to understand the nature and extent of the applicant’s disability and the resulting functional impairment that limits access to its examinations. Documentation also allows the City of Fresno to provide appropriate accommodations for the disability. The documentation should include the following;

  • A specific diagnosis of the disability using a medical professional or qualified professional who has thorough training in the field of learning disabilities (ie, a state disability counselor).
  • The diagnosis should be current because the provision of the accommodation should be based on the current impact of the disability on the testing activity.
  • Give a detailed description of the applicant’s current functional limitations and describe how the disability impairs physical, perceptual and/or cognitive functioning.
  • Recommend specific accommodations including assistive devices. Provide a detailed explanation of why these accommodations or devices are needed and how they will reduce the impact of the identified functional limitations on the specific examination process.
  • Report any accommodations the applicant currently uses in daily functioning, especially work-related activities and any past accommodations the applicant received on examinations because of the disability.
  • Provide contact information and credentials of the professional evaluator that qualify him/her to make the diagnosis, including information about professional license or certification and specialization in the area of the diagnosis. The information should be written on the professional evaluator’s letterhead and clearly indicate the name, address, telephone number and qualifications of the professional.
  • The documentation should include any record of prior accommodation* or auxiliary aids, including any information about specific conditions under which the accommodations were used and whether or not they were effective.

    Arrangements for persons with disabilities will be provided upon approval. All requests for accommodations must be submitted by the applicant prior to the closing filing date. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact the Personnel Services Department at (559) 621-6950.

    *If no prior accommodations have been provided, the qualified professional should include a detailed explanation as to why no accommodations were given in the past and why accommodations are now needed.