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Loud parties and noise obviously can be distressing in neighborhoods. Sometimes people are unaware they are disturbing others. In situations such as this, a phone call to the neighbor to politely ask them to turn down the noise is often all it takes to solve the problem. The advantage to this is that it offers an immediate solution and often people want to be good neighbors and are grateful that their neighbors are willing to speak with them directly about the problem. Another advantage is that it saves them the possible embarrassment of police officers showing up at their door to talk with them about the loud party or noise.

However, there are times when direct contact is not practical. If there is any threat of danger in a direct contact with the offending party, citizens should not initiate contact, but instead call the police department. Generally loud parties and other noise complaints are not life-threatening emergencies and as such, do not qualify for calling 911. Instead use the non-emergency line of 621-7000. A police dispatcher will answer the call and will generally ask several questions to determine the location of the party or loud noise, the number of people in attendance and if any other crimes are in progress, such as fighting or possible underage drinking. If you do not wish to have the officers contact you, please let the dispatcher know this.