Street Trees

Trees are powerful assets to the City of Fresno and can benefit everyone in many ways. Better air quality, increased property value, lower temperatures, a better community image, and overall a better quality of life.

Street Trees are any trees that are in the city easement or right of way; for example trees in parkstrips. Street Maintenance's Street Tree crews provide services for street trees so that they may grow tall and safe for a neighborhood to appreciate.

The following is what is offered by the Street Tree Program:
  • Tree Trimming:
    Street Tree crews trim all street trees in the City of Fresno by square 1/4 mile sections at a time. With over 400 sections it can take tree crews more than 16 years to trim the entire city one time.

    Home owners may without penalty trim away any limbs that can be reached from the ground without the use of a ladder or chainsaw. Pole pruners and loppers are acceptable tools for homeowners to use for pruning trees

    If Home owners wish to have a tree completely trimmed out of trim cycle, they may do so by obtaining a free permit here (to obtain a PDF reader click here) or by requesting one be mailed to you from the Street Maintenance office at (559) 621-1492. Street Maintenance does require the work performed be done by a licensed tree trimmer to ensure correct trimming procedures will be used. All costs of the out of scheduled trim would be the responsibility of the homeowner, not the city. 


  • Root Removal:
    Currently the City of Fresno does not have a root pruning program in place for street trees. If the homeowner wishes to, any roots further than four feet from the trunk, or any roots that enter the homeowner's private property may be removed without permit.  If root problems exist in either sewer or water lateral lines it would be the homeowners responsibility to clear the lines. 


  • Tree Removals:
    Street Trees are protected by Fresno Municipal Code (F.M.C. 11-305) and can not be removed unless the street tree meets the requirement that the tree must be dead, over 50% dying, or posing as an immediate hazard such as splitting down the trunk or immediately falling over. Street trees that do not meet removal criteria, can not be removed in replacement for another tree.

    Street Trees may not be removed due to roots obstructing sewer or water lines. Homeowners may follow the root pruning instructions above to clear any root obstruction issues 

    Upon inspection of a tree, Street Maintenance will determine if a street tree meets removal requirements. If the tree does meet removal criteria, Street Maintenance will have the street tree removed at no expense to the home owner. If the homeowner wishes not to wait for crews to remove a street tree that meets removal criteria, a permit can be obtained here. Please note that removal must be completed by a licensed contractor and at homeowner's expense.   


  • Tree Planting:
    The Street Maintenance Division offers a tree planting program to help expand and diversify our urban forest. Please contact the Street Maintenance office at (559) 621-1492 for more information on how to get a street tree planted in your parkstrip.


  • Emergencies:
    Crews are available 24 hours a day for all tree emergencies such as limbs down, broken and hanging limbs, split trees, down trees and other street tree events that require immediate attention. To request emergency service please call (559) 621-1492.

If you have any other questions or wish to request service you may contact Street Maintenance here or call the Street Maintenance office at (559) 621-1492.