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Downtown Revitalization
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Downtown Revitalization

The team at the Downtown and Community Revitalization Department is working proactively to ensure the steady revitalization of Downtown Fresno over the next several years, with a focus on the Fulton Mall.

You can hear directly from Mayor Ashley Swearengin about her vision for Downtown Fresno on the State of Downtown page. And you can see how we're measuring our success.

Defining Our Goals

The Department’s revitalization efforts are founded on the best practices of hundreds of cities across the nation — cities that, in many cases, have surmounted seemingly overwhelming economic obstacles to bring new life to their historic urban cores. The Department’s work reflects four main goals.

Goal 1: Great Planning and Design
To support revitalization, downtown development must encourage things like foot traffic, historic preservation, mixed uses, and nightlife. In Fresno, many of our downtown development laws provide unclear requirements for development or, in some ways, can even work against revitalization goals. A new, legally binding “Specific Plan” is being created to guide land use in Downtown Fresno. Find out more here.

Goal 2: Investment and Development
Private investment and development are telltale signs of a healthy downtown — and an important goal in themselves. While other revitalization strategies are underway, the City wants to immediately remove unnecessary obstacles to development, and promote incentives to invest in downtown projects that bring life to underused land and buildings. Find out more here.

Goal 3: Sustainable Funding and Management
An engaged private sector is key to Downtown revitalization, and property owners in some 80 California cities have come together to create a “Property and Business Improvement District,” or PBID. Under a PBID, property owners assess themselves for improved services which they choose and control. By working together, property owners can also begin to speak with a unified voice, helping advocate for further community investment in the downtown. A PBID is in the process of forming in Downtown Fresno. Find out more here.

Goal 4: Foot Traffic
With enough excitement happening to draw people downtown on a consistent basis, nothing else really matters. But the attraction must be there. The Downtown and Community Revitalization Department is helping create new events that attract people to Downtown Fresno on a consistent basis, while celebrating our cultural diversity and Valley heritage. You can help! Find out more here.

Contact Us

For more information about the Downtown and Community Revitalization Department and our downtown efforts, contact:

Lupe Perez
Downtown Revitalization Manager
2600 Fresno Street, Room 3065
Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 621-8371

Other Resources

If you want to learn about the nuts and bolts of the City’s downtown revitalization efforts, you're in the right place. If you're ready to live, play, work, or invest Downtown, please visit for comprehensive, up-to-date information about all that Downtown Fresno has to offer.

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