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Major Development Proposals Under Review

Planning Division makes every effort to encourage public participation, while simultaneously informing the public of projects that are under review.  The following is a short list of the many projects currently under review or reports prepared on behalf of the City.  Should a project not be listed below, please contact us by clicking here.

Producer’s Dairy

The proposed project is located at 450 East Belmont Avenue between North Ferger and North Roosevelt Avenues. It the request of the applicant to systematically remove the existing structures to allow for additional parking area for commercial trucks.

For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at (559) 621-8040 or via email at

Producers Dairy Initial Study 11/30/2016 Signed
Notice of Preparation Producers Dairy 11/30/2016

Appendix A - Schematic Condition Assessment
Appendix B - Producers Dairy Phase I ESA
Appendix C - Asbestos Survey, Lead Bases Paint & PCB Inspection
Appendix D - RWQCB Email 9/1/16
Appendix E - Statement of Covenants R-90-49 Regular
Appendix F - Report to Historic Preservation Commission

Darling Delaware (southwest Fresno)

Please contact Mike Sanchez at (550) 621-8040 or at with any questions or concern.

Draft Darling International and City of Fresno Agreement regarding Rendering Facility
Exhibit A - Air Permit
Exhibit B - Scope of Work
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (1)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (2.1)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (2.2)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (3)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (4)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluatiion - Insight Evn (5)
Exhibit C - Darling Evaluation - Insight Evn (6)
Exhibit D - Operational Statement
Exhibit E - Modifications to Address Air Pockets
Exhibit F - Oder Control Plan
Exhibit G - Raw Material Records
Exhibit H - Scrubber Service

Northwest Fresno Walmart Project

The proposed project is located at 4080 W. Shaw Avenue, on the southwest corner of North Brawley and West San Jose Avenues. Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-13-002 requests authorization to establish a State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control Type 21 liquor license (sale of beer, wine, and distilled spirits for consumption off the premises where sold) for a proposed 24/7 Walmart Supercenter, which will also offer groceries, general merchandise, and an outdoor garden center.  The existing Walmart at 3680 W. Shaw Avenue will be relocated to the property at 4080 W. Shaw Avenue.

For additional information, contact McKencie Contreras at (559) 621-8066 or via email at

To access the environmental documents, please click on the links below:

Draft EIR
Draft EIR Appendix Cover, Title, TOC
Draft EIR Appendices A & B
Draft EIR Appendices C & D
Draft EIR Appendices E through G
Draft EIR Appendices H & I

Notice of Planning Commission Hearing (Aug. 17,2016)
Final EIR
Planning Commission Staff Report

Fresno Recycled Water Master Plan

The proposed Master Plan will plan and implement a recycled water treatment and distribution system that would:

  • Protect and improve groundwater quality by reducing the use of percolation ponds
    currently used as part of the Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility’s (RWRF) effluent
    disposal processes;
  • Increase the use of recycled water through urban reuse, groundwater recharge and
    agricultural reuse to help meet the water demands in the region;
  • Expand the recycled water system to enable the City’s offset of potable water use,
    thereby enhancing the sustainability of the water supply; and
  • Facilitate the goals related to recycled water use set forth in the City’s Urban Water
    Management Plan.

Recycled Water Master Plan DEIR
Recycled Water Master Plan FEIR

Fig Garden Financial Center Phase IV

Developer, Gunner-Andros is proposing the development of a four story commercial office building, comprising a total of net useable area of 104,593 square feet, with an underground parking structure and at grade parking to provide parking for approximately 445 vehicles.  The project is located on the south side of West San Jose Avenue, east of the existing Figarden Financial Center and covers approximately 4.0 acres.  The underground structure will be interconnected with an existing underground parking structure that serves an adjacent four story commercial office building.  The City is requiring that the project applicant prepare an Environmental Impact Report in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act for the proposed project.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Mike Sanchez at (559) 621-8040 or via e-mail at

Notice of Preparation
Project Applications (Plan Amendment, Rezone, Conditional Use Permit, Vesting Parcel Map, including Project exhibits)

Notice of Availability
Draft Environmental Impact Report
Appendices DEIR
Draft FEIR
Amended Technical Appendices

Old Fig Garden Transportation Land Use Study

The Old Fig Garden Community Transportation and Land Use Study is a planning effort that is based on the initiative of the Fig Garden Homeowners Association (HOA), who approached both the County and the City of Fresno to engage in addressing issues of pressing importance to Fig Garden residents. The Fig Garden area has been threatened by increasing traffic and by the rapidly urbanizing arterial streets of Ashlan, Blackstone, Shaw and Shields Avenues, as well as other collectors in the Study Area.

For more information visit the Old Fig Garden Transportation and Land Use website.

Sunset Waste Paper Operational Modifications

Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-10-028 filed by Larry Miner of Clements Environmental on behalf of John Mohoff, for property located on the southeast corner South Elm and East Vine Avenues.  This application is a request for authorization to modify the operations at the existing Sunset Waste Paper Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Transfer Station.  The proposed modifications are as follows: 1) The addition of recyclabes storage in bunkers, bins, roll-off containers, bales and in bulk inside the building, as well as outside the building under and just south of the south canopy, along the exterior north wall of the transfer station, along the east fence and along the east side of the MRF; 2) The addition of green waste processing inside the transfer station building; 3) The addition of mechanical sorting of construction and demolition material and municipal solid waste inside the transfer station; and 4) The addition of hand and/or mechanical sorting of glass recyclables adjacent to the existing bunkers located along the western elevation of the transfer station. Click below to access the staff report for this project.

Planning Commission Report (Feb. 16, 2011)
Clarifications to Planning Commission (Feb. 16, 2011)

Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) and Environs Plan Amendment (Plan Amendment Application No. A-10-005 and Environmental Assessment No. A-10-005)

The 1997 FYI Airport and Environs Plan is being amended to keep pace with updated airport projections through the year 2025. The format of the plan has been simplified and re-organized consistent with state law. New noise contours and safety zones are included in the plan amendment.

For additional information, contact Sophia Pagoulatos at (559)621-8062 or via e-mail at

To access the amended plan or the environmental assessment (EIR), click on the links below:

FYI Land Use Compatibility Plan
FYI Final EIR Volume 1
FYI Final EIR Volume 2

Roeding Regional Park and Fresno Chaffee Zoo Facility Master Plans (Including Rotary Playland and Storyland)

The City of Fresno, Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo Corporation and Rotary Storyland/Playland have filed Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-08-186 and are in the process of preparing a Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Program EIR will address the adoption and implementation of the Roeding Regional Park Facility Master Plan, Fresno Chaffee Zoo Facility Master Plan and Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-08-186 necessary to implement the plans. The master plans contain comprehensive, coordinated proposals designed to extensively renovate Roeding Park and Rotary Playland/Rotary Storyland, and to renovate and expand the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

The site is located in the southwest portion of the City of Fresno. The 148-acre park is bounded by West Olive Avenue on the north; West Belmont Avenue on the south; Golden State Boulevard and the Union Pacific Railroad line on the east; and State Route 99 on the west (APN 450-020-08T). The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is in the south-central portion of Roeding Park, Rotary Playland in the southwest corner, and Rotary Storyland along the west boundary.

For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at (559) 621-8040 or via e-mail at

Public Hearing Notice for Planning Commission on July 20, 2011
Notice of City Council Hearing, June 23, 2011
FEIR, including responses to comments (SCH No. 2008031002) (June 2011)
FEIR Appendices A thru H (June 2011)

Facility Master Plan (July 2009)

Zoo Master Plan (July 2009)

Notice of Preparation (Revised) (March 2011)
Notice of Availability (April 2011)
Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (April 2011)
Recirculated DEIR Appendices A thru E (April 2011)
Recirculated DEIR Appendices F thru J (April 2011)

Notice of Preparation (Revised) (July 2009)
Notice of Availability (Oct. 2010)
DEIR (Oct. 2010)
DEIR Appendices A thru E
DEIR Appendices F thru I
Notice of Special Planning Commission Hearing (Jan. 26, 2011)
Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program for Roeding Regional Park and Fresno Chaffee Zoo (Jan. 2011)
Final EIR, including responses to comments (SCH No. 2008031002) (Jan. 2011)

El Paseo (northwest Fresno)

The proposed project is located in northwest Fresno and is generally bound by W. Herndon Ave. on the north, N. Bryan and W. Bullard Avenues on the east, Carnegie Avenue to the south, and State Route 99 to the west (map of project area). Entitlements for this project will include a General Plan Amendment, Rezone, and Master Conditional Use Permit Applications, a Development Agreement, and Tentative Tract Map.

The applicant proposes to develop an approximately 238-acre project at the northwest gateway of the City. The final development would include retail, office, hospitality, and entertainment uses. The integrated, mixed-use project is planned to include:
• A large retail marketplace
• A lifestyle center or town center project
• A mid-rise office park and hotel
• A light industrial business park

For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at (559) 621-8040 or via e-mail at

Notice of Preparation and Initial Study Cover Sheet
Initial Study Table of Contents
Draft EIR Architecture
Draft EIR Appendices Site Aerial
Re-Circulated Draft EIR (August 19, 2010) Curb and Asphalt
Re-Circulated EIR Appendix Master Plan
Final EIR Zoning
Design Guidelines Phase 1 Site Plan
Development Agreement Phase 1 Project Summary
  Color Aerial Site Plan
  Phase 1 Site Plan
  Quadrant Reference Sheet
  Site Plan Comments

City of Fresno Recycled Water Master Plan and Ordinance

The City of Fresno proposes to implement a Recycled Water Master Plan with an associated Recycled Water Ordinance to increase the use of recycled water to meet local water demands. The Master Plan will be implemented in a phased manner through 2025 as feasible based on technical, funding, partnering, and other factors. The Master Plan will inform the City’s decision process in selecting recycled water projects. The expansion of the recycled water system will enable the City to offset potable water use, enhance the sustainability of the water supply, and reduce the use of percolation ponds that currently handle effluent discharge. The City intends to adopt a Recycled Water Ordinance to further support recycled water development.

For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at (559) 621-8040 or via e-mail at or Mr. Kevin Norgaard at (559) 621-5297 or via e-mail at

Notice of Preparation/Initial Study
Draft City of Fresno Recycled Water Master Plan