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Fresno Municipal Lines 5602 June 1962As with many major American cities, Fresno has had a long and diverse history in the area of public transportation. Many different frameworks have been implemented with varying degrees of success. Both private and public organizations have contributed to the goal of providing safe, reliable, efficient, customer-friendly public transit as alternatives to driving alone.

Belmont & Arlington Heights Buss Line 1914If you are interested in leaning more about the history of public transportation in Fresno, we invite you to read: FRESNO CALIFORNIA: A HISTORY OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 1889-2002 By Gerald L. Squier

Quick Facts
FAX Facts FY 2013
Fixed Route Ridership 12,442,248
Demand Response Ridership 203,999
Local Bus Mileage 4,151,476
Service Area 104 sq. miles
Service Area Population 494,700
Operating Budget $40,237,044
Local Bus Routes 16
Local Peak Hour Buses 80
Local Bus Fleet 108
Demand Response Vehicle Fleet 53
Alternatively Fueled Bus Fleet 81
Fixed-Route Employees 333