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Wally MeterLooking for ways to save money by reducing your water use?

The City of Fresno offers FREE water leak surveys and landscape consultations for all of our residential and industrial/commercial customers. Water Conservation representatives will check for water leaks and other water inefficiencies both inside and outside of your location.

We include a free landscape irrigation consultation and will provide irrigation and plant material tips. Our representative will also show you how to set your landscape controller and will provide a report of possible water saving measures you can take to save water.

In addition to helping residential customers conserve water, the City of Fresno’s Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Conservation Program provides local businesses with information on improved water use efficiency technologies to develop and implement water use efficiency.

Commercial: Water users that provide or distribute a product or a service, such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Industrial: Any water users that are primarily manufacturers or processors of materials.

Institutional: Any water-using establishments dedicated to public service. This includes schools, courts, churches, hospitals and government facilities.

For more information regarding this FREE service, call 621-5480 or click here to request a survey!


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