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The following are minimum abatement standards.

The City of Fresno may require additional or more stringent abatement on certain properties because of special problems with terrain, land use, growth, location, or the fire history of the property. These standards apply to all weeds, grass, or other vegetation that is normally dry during the year; particularly in the summer, and all combustible rubbish.

These standards shall apply to all vacant and unimproved lots throughout the year, including those lots with vacant structures.

All Properties: 

 This includes any alleys, sidewalks, park strips, or unimproved public easements abutting a property.
  • Remove all rubbish, trash, trimmings, litter, tires, and combustible waste material.
  • Disc all weeds, grass, brush, or other combustible vegetation according to the disking standards set forth below for parcels over or under five (5) acres.
  • Remove all grass and other cuttings after mowing, hoeing, or cutting.
  • Remove all sagebrush, chaparral, tumbleweeds, and any other brush or weeds which attain growth as to become a fire menace to adjacent improved property when dry.

Vacant Structures:

  • Make sure all windows are intact; board-up those that are broken.
  • Make sure all doors are locked or nailed shut.
  • If your property is fenced, make sure all planks or links are in good condition.
  • If you board-up your structure(s); please do so with solid sheets of wood – scraps tend to be torn off easily.
  • Secure all structures (garages, sheds, accessory buildings) on your property – not only the main building.

Disking Standards for Parcels UNDER Five (5) Acres:

  • All disking work should be completed so that weeds, grass, crops, or other vegetation or organic material which could possibly burn, are substantially turned over so there is insufficient fuel to sustain or allow the spread of fire.
  • Along fence lines and other places where disking may not be possible, hand work including mowing, weed-eating, or hoeing may be utilized.
  • These areas must be free and clear of growth and dead vegetation.

Disking Standards for Parcels OVER Five (5) Acres:

In lieu of disking the entire parcel, firebreaks may be provided in such a manner that no single fire area shall exceed five (5) acres.
  • Firebreaks shall be constructed in such a way as to be a continuous strip of land which is clear of all combustible weeds, grass, stubble, rubbish, or other material which would allow the travel of fire.
  • Firebreaks may include fire-resistive vegetation, such as irrigated crops, ice plant, green ivy, and other live plants recognized by the City as being fire-resistive.


    Provide 30 foot wide firebreaks around all combustible structures and storage areas.
  •  Provide 30 foot wide firebreaks along each side of any roads accessible to the public and around all brush areas.
  •  Provide 15 foot wide firebreaks along each side of fenced property lines, ditches, and creeks.
  • Any parcel which is adjacent to developed property must have 30 foot wide firebreaks along the fence/property line Graded fire roads (not less than 15 feet in width) may be done in lieu of 15 feet width of disked firebreaks where specifically pre-approved by the City.
  • Abandoned orchards, vineyards, etc., should be completely abated. No firebreaks are allowed
    Non-irrigated pasture land being used for grazing must have 30 foot wide firebreaks with substantial cross-disking.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Should a fire occur due to the lack of weed and/or debris removal, the Fire Department may charge you for any and all firefighting costs incurred by the City.

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    Additional information on this program can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or on our on-line reporting system.

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