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Through the Local Business Initiatives Division the City of Fresno is taking an innovative approach to our economic development practices premised on the belief that in order to have a healthy and diverse economy we must provide local businesses the tools they need to succeed.

Our efforts are focused on growing the businesses that are already here and giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to be successful in starting their own business. In order to accomplish these goals the efforts of the local business initiatives are two-fold:

Reinforcing a business friendly environment within City Hall by promoting the economic value that our local business community contributes in order to establish a sustainable and diverse economy where business thrives.

Educate our community about the benefits of supporting locally owned, independent business as a means to establishing a sustainable and diverse economy where our unique culture combined with innovation and entrepreneurship are a foundation for our community.

The choice to focus the City’s resources on the local business community is simple; local businesses serve as the backbone to our economy, providing the most private sector jobs while keeping more dollars in our local economy. It is our responsibility to do what is in our capacity to make sure we are providing an environment where businesses succeed.

Our effort to focus on local businesses can be found through an assortment of initiatives:

An opportunity for local businesses to shine

Business industries working together to find common solutions

Economic Development Partnerships

Additional resources for our local business community

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on these initiatives, please contact Amy Huerta, Local Business Initiatives Manager at amy.huerta@fresno.gov or 621-8362.