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For a complete list of meetings, please visit our Planning Calendar page.

City Council District Committees

The City encourages public participation in the planning processes through several forums. One such forum is via City Council District Plan Advisory Committees which review entitlements in their respective district areas.  During the committee meetings, members are presented with projects which they review to ensure that the proposed project(s) are compatible with the neighborhood.  

City Council District Map

Meeting Agenda's by District/Committee

For additional information you may contact the following:

District 1:
Phillip Siegrist, (559) 621-8061 or   

District 2:
Bruce Barnes, (559) 621-8047 or

District 3:
Gregory Barfield (District 3 representative), (559) 621-7834 or

District 4:
Chris Lang, (559) 621-8023 or

District 5:
Israel Trejo, (559) 621- 8044 or

District 6:
Ralph Kachadourian, (559) 621-8172 or

District 7:
Brenda Rapada (District 7 representative), (559) 621-7882 or

Specific Plan Committees

In addition to the five committees above, their are also two Specific Plan Committees that meet on a regular basis.  Similar to the City Council District Committees, the Specific Plan Committees review every project within their respective area, however, a Senior Planner acts as a staff liaison to each Committee. 

The following is a list of the Committees and the staff liaison as well as a Specific Boundary Map.  

•  Specific Plan Boundary Map

Tower District Specific Plan:

Kira Noguera, (559) 621-8091 or

Fulton/Lowell Specific Plan:
Will Tackett, (559) 621-8063 or