Traffic Paint and Sign

While it is the Traffic Engineering Division's duty to determine the need for any new roadway paint or signs to be placed down, it is the responsibility of the Street Maintenance Division's Paint and Sign crews to make sure all roadway paint (crosswalks, turn lanes, painted curbs, etc.) and all traffic signs (stop signs, no parking signs, street name signs, etc) are visible for the public to safely travel.

  • Signs Down
    Signs can fall due to high winds, vandalism, or accidents. Upon notification, crews can be dispatched as soon as possible to restand, or if need be, replace any traffic signs that are down.

  • Graffiti:
    The paint used to make traffic signs can be damaged when normal graffiti removal techniques are used. While any other graffiti is handled by the graffiti abatement department, traffic signs are handled by the sign crew. When reporting graffiti please be specific on the location of the sign, what type of sign it is and if the graffiti is on the front or back of the sign.

  • Traffic Paint:
    Over time, paint fades and could use a fresh coat. Conditions permitting, crews are able to refresh the look of worn out crosswalks, lane controls, and curb painting. Street Maintenance's Paint and Sign crew can only repaint what is already there.


If you would like to report any issues with roadway paint or city signs you may do so here, or contact the Street Maintenance Division Office at (559) 621-1492.