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Historic Surveys

Building by building “intensive” historic surveys are a critical part of preservation and land use planning. A survey will include three major components: a historic context for the area with important themes and property types; the survey findings and recommendations; and individual State of California survey forms for each building or resource in the survey footprint. Over the past several years the Development and Resource Management Department has funded several major neighborhood surveys and historic contexts.

The following are listed in chronological order of the date of the survey's preperation:

Fulton Corridor Survey Report
Bungalow Court Project

Chinatown Historic Survey
Germantown Historical Context
Fresno Arts-Culture District
Pinedale Historic Resource Survey
Mid-Century Modernism Survey
North Park Survey
South Stadium Project Area Survey
Wilson Island Historic Property Survey
Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and Downtown Neighborhoods Plan
Huntington Boulevard Historic District
South Van Ness Industrial District Historic Survey (in progress)
South Van Ness Industrial District Historic Context

Bungalow Court Project
The “Bungalow Court” Survey was prepared by City staff and consultants Dana Supernowicz and Jon Brady in September 2004 with partial funding from the Office of Historic Preservation. A reconnaissance survey was first conducted using City and Caltrans staff and community volunteers. Thirteen of the oldest and/or most architecturally significant of the 128 “courts” reported were then documented by the consultants on state survey forms.
Bungalow Court Project (September 2004)
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Chinatown Historic Survey
Chinatown Historic Resource Survey was completed in 2006 by Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco, and included survey forms for buildings within the 6-block heart of Fresno’s historic Chinatown.

Fresno Chinatown Project Extended Phase I Study (2008, J and R Environmental Services) included three components: a catalogue of pre-World War II Japanese ceramics, a report on the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation of the Chinatown “tunnels”, and findings from the first-ever sub-surface archaeological project in the City.
Chinatown Historic Survey (18 meg)
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Germantown Fresno Historic Context was prepared by Architectural Resources Group in 2006. The report documents the history of the Volga Germans who first settled in Fresno in 1887.
Germantown Historical Context (April 2006)
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Arts-Culture District
City of Fresno Arts-Culture District was conducted in two phases by Urbana Preservation and Planning in 2006 and 2007. The first phase included preparation of survey forms for all properties within the 16 blocks of the City’s arts district. The second phase documented the additional properties in the Upper Triangle of this neighborhood up to E. Divisadero Avenue.
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Pinedale Historic Resource Survey was completed in 2007 by Lauren MacDonald, PRA, Inc. and is a thematic survey of this community founded in 1923 for workers at the Sugar Pine Lumber Company.
Pinedale Historic Resource Survey (October 2007)
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Mid-Century Modernism
The Mid-Century Modernism Historic Context was prepared in 2008 by Lauren MacDonald, PRA, Inc. The overview includes information and interviews with leading architects and designers who worked in Fresno from 1940-1970.
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North Park
North Park Historic Survey was completed In January 2009 for the western half of this neighborhood which lies between E. Divisadero and State Route 180, Blackstone and Roosevelt. The consultants, Galvin Preservation Associates, recommended nomination of a National Register District along Van Ness Avenue, and two smaller Local Register districts as well.
North Park Survey (November 2008)
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South Stadium
South Stadium Project Area Phase I Area documented the pre-1960 properties in the 6-block area bounded by Inyo on the north, H Street on the west, Ventura Street on the south and Van Ness Avenue on the east. The survey was prepared for Forest City Residential West Inc. by Page and Turnbull.
South Stadium Historic Properties Survey Report (Aug. 2008)
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Wilson Island
The Wilson Island Historic Survey was completed in 2009. The "island" is bounded by E. Carmen Avenue on the north, N. Echo on the west, the north side of E. Floradora on the south, and the back side of the commercial properties on the east. The Wilson Island includes 80 properties and represents some of the finest examples of Period Revival and Prairie architecture in Fresno. It was designated as a Local Historic District by the Fresno City Council on October 29, 2009.
Wilson Island Historic Property Survey Report (Sept. 2009)Wilson Island report to the Historic Preservation Commission (Sept. 28, 2009)
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Fig Garden Historic Context
In January 2013 City staff completed a historic context and architectural style guide for Old Fig Garden, a county island surrounded by City Districts 1 and 7. The project was part of the “Old Fig Garden Community Transportation and Land Use Study” with funding from a Caltrans Community Based Transportation Planning Grant. The project was a collaboration of the City of Fresno, the County of Fresno and the Fig Garden Homeowners Association.
Final Fig Garden Historic Context (without appendices)

Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan (ongoing)
The City’s Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan will include architectural surveys and/or a historic context for a broad swath of Fresno’s downtown neighborhoods. The survey work is being prepared by Historic Resources Group, a Los Angeles preservation and planning firm. For more information please visit www.fresnodowntownplans.com.
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Huntington Boulevard Historic District (ongoing)
Huntington Boulevard is one of the most architecturally distinct neighborhoods in Fresno with a diverse mix representing the major styles prevalent during the Period of Significance (1914-1977). On May 21, 2015, the Fresno City Council designated a Huntington Boulevard Historic District.
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