West Area
Growth in the Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area has been concentrated to the north of Downtown Fresno. Developoment between State Routes (SR) 99 and 168 has expanded a distance over eight miles to the north of downtown; however, little development has taken place west of State Route 99. The West Area is bound by SR 99 to the north and east, Whitesbridge Avenue to the south, and Grantland Avenue to the west. Currently, a majority of the land within the study area lies within the County of Fresno jursidiction and is comprosed primarily of orchards and rural residential development.  The vast majority of the study area is within the sphere of influence (SOI) of the City of Fresno, establishing the future urban boundary of the city.  This area also has many recenlty constructed, standard-lot residential neighborhoods that have been annexed into the City Limits. Few commercial or office land uses currently exist within the study area; therefore, many work-bound trips must commute to destinations outside of the West Area.

West Area Transportation Circulation and Planning

West Area Appendices A through C
West Area Report to City Council
West Area Transportation Study