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Each day, about 180 Water Division employees work hard to ensure that our customers have safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water. In 2011, these workers:

  • Supplied an average of 125 million gallons of water to more than 550,000 residents in the City and County of Fresno
  • Operated approximately 260 active pump stations with a high-tech production and distributed control system
  • Managed more than 200 acres of recharge basins
  • Maintained nearly 1,800 miles of water main
  • Maintained 12,975 fire hydrants
  • Operated a 30 million gallon per day (MGD) Surface Water Treatment Facility in Northeast Fresno and a 2 MGD storage tank in Southeast Fresno

Our employees may be your next door neighbors, your former clas smates, or they may share some of the same hobbies as you and your family. No matter what the connection, our employees are invested in our community water system - your partners in the process.

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