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FMC Code Section 10-620 requires the registration of foreclosed properties in the City of Fresno that have come within ownership or control of a trustee or beneficiary as a result of the default of the borrower and/or the foreclosure process.

This program requires bank/lender owned property to be secured and maintained in order to limit the negative effects these properties have on our neighborhoods. The Ordinance also applies to properties where the deed of trust was transferred to the beneficiary of a deed of trust involved in the foreclosure, and any properties transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

The Ordinance....

specifically establishes a vacant foreclosed property registration program as a mechanism to protect neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security of these properties.

  • The Ordinance applies to ALL properties, commercial and residential, which are currently in the foreclosure process, and under bank/lender control
  • Banks/lenders have 10 business days to inspect defaulting properties and to provide a completed foreclosed property registration form to the Community Revitalization Division
  • The Registration Form can be obtained by clicking HERE or by contacting the Division at 559-621-8400. The trustee or beneficiary of the property, bank/lender, or agent acting in behalf of the trustee/lender is responsible for completing the registration form.
  • Properties that are vacant, but not in foreclosure, are enforced under the existing Vacant Building Ordinance (FMC10-617).
  • The completed registration form can be faxed (559-488-1078), sent as an attachment via email, or mailed to the Community Revitalization Division, 2600 Fresno Street, Room 3070, Fresno, CA 93721-3605.

The Vacant Foreclosed Property Ordinance...

requires a bank/lender responsible for a property in foreclosure to not only register the property; but, the Ordinance also requires the legal owner(s) to maintain all yards and landscaping, and to keep the property secured and free of trash, debris, and graffiti.

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Additional information can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or on our on-line reporting system.

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