Environmental Awards
Recycling Achievements

The City of Fresno # 1 in Recycling!

Thanks to the cooperation and diligence of it's citizens and the hard work of the employees in the Solid Waste Division, the city of Fresno has been ranked # 1 within the state and the nation for it's recycling achievements. To find out more, click here or to read California Senator Barbara Boxer's letter of congratulations, click here

Clean Burning Fuel Makes a Difference On Air Quality

LNG Truck

Now, you can breath easy knowing that the Solid Waste Management Division has the largest clean air fleet in the state! Our new Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vehicles emit 85% less particulate matter and 40% less NOx than regular engines.

Fresno Area Environmental Awards

Thanks to the essay writing skills of the City's Recycling Team, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded three awards to Fresno based nominees.

Linda Nimer, Teacher, Wawona Middle School, Fresno Unified School District 
As a recipient of an EPA award, Linda Nimer shines as an example of overcoming obstacles in her fight to teach our children how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With the help of a grant from British Petroleum, she has purchased oversized puppets and gives "Green Presentations" throughout the school district. Ms. Nimer is a prime example of how ONE person CAN make a BIG difference!

Lewis Green, Director, Fresno Chaffee Zoo

When Mr. Green took over the zoo, it was on the brink of losing its accreditation with the American Zoo and Aquariums Association (AZA). From his first day at work, Mr. Green began to implement the changes recommended by the AZA, and with the help of the City of Fresno Recycling Team has established a comprehensive recycling program for zoo employees and guests. Because of his extraordinary efforts, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo also received an EPA award.

OK Produce Leads Valley Businesses in Zero Waste

This cutting edge full service wholesale produce company is also an EPA award winner. This Zero Waste organization has one of the largest solar power systems in the Central Valley, the roofs are made from energy saving Dinyari (a.k.a. Cool Roofs), T-5 motion sensor lighting fixtures are standard, tractor trailers use Bio-diesel, and all sales representatives drive hybrids. It sends all plastic, cardboard, wood, paper, and any other recyclables to our local recycling center, and any damaged produce is sent to our green waste composting center. And if that is not enough, they are currently working with Tree Fresno to increase the number of trees planted in our community. Thank you OK Produce for leading the way for area businesses to be ZERO WASTE.

City of Fresno 2006

From the EPA's Website

04/18/06 – SAN FRANCISCO During the agency's eighth annual Environmental Awards Ceremony in San Francisco today, U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Wayne Nastri presented plaques to three dozen organizations and individuals throughout the Pacific Southwest in recognition of their efforts to protect and preserve the environment in 2005.

"These organizations and individuals have applied creativity, teamwork and leadership in addressing many of the West's most sensitive and complex environmental challenges," Nastri said. "Thanks to their efforts, our air, water and land will be cleaner and safer for generations to come. The winners set an example for all of us to follow."

The Region 9 Environmental Awards program acknowledges commitment and significant contributions to the environment in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Pacific Islands and tribal lands. Thirty nine groups and individuals were selected from more than 160 nominees received this year from businesses, media, local, government officials, tribes, environmental organizations and citizen activists.

Fresno is a shining example of environmental and energy conservation leadership, having recently been lauded by the Department of Energy for its initiatives to place in service new clean air vehicles such as 25 CNG Buses, 69 LNG Refuse trucks, 33 hybrid vehicles and over 100 heavy vehicles with diesel exhaust after-treatment devices. A solar power project provided for the installation of 62,500 square feet of photovoltaic panels which displaced 1.3 megawatts of non-renewable energy with renewable energy. Fresno also has built the largest CNG refueling station in the San Joaquin Valley and has upgraded several city buildings with high efficiency lighting and appliances, reducing electrical consumption by 30 percent. The city's clean energy initiatives are a component of Mayor Alan Autry's plan, "Operation Clean Air," to meet its quest for long-term regional air quality improvements.