Parks, After School, Recreation & Community Services

Elementary After School
PARCS is contracted by local school districts to provide enrichment program elements to schools receiving After School Education and Safety grant funds.  PARCS currently provides enrichment program elements at 17 school sites.

Through the efficiencies of cost sharing, collaborative partners provide the academic components required of after school programs while PARCS focuses on the enrichment elements and the recreation services including leisure activities that help youth develop
social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills.  In addition, the curriculum addresses issues
including but not limited to peer-pressure, gang prevention and intervention.

Program Guidelines:
The ASES Program is operated through the elementary schools.
To join or find out how to enroll your child, you will need to contact the school administration.

How to make this program work for your child/children:
* Meet the Site Coordinator and staff
* Ask staff for their program rules and go over the rules with your child\children.
* Check-in with the Site Coordinator regularly.
* Keep in mind that staff will be monitoring your child's behavior for compliance to the program rules.

For more information call (559) 621-6720.


Enrichment elements include:

* Nutrition
* Character Development
* Fitness
* Performing & Visual Art Concepts
* Competitive Sports
* Daily Fitness Routines & Group Games

- Nutrition Education
- Visual Arts Program

- Community Outreach
- Performing Arts
- Trainings on program delivery

The ASES Program is conducted during the high risk after school hours from 2:00 - 6:00 P.M. ASES Programs are free of charge to participants.