Fluorescent Bulbs


New Regulations for Fluorescent bulbs

As of  February 8, 2006, all fluorescent bulbs within the State of California must be properly disposed of! Here is some help with legally disposing of your fluorescent bulbs:

Within the City of Fresno:

The county hosts a bi-annual event to pickup Household Hazardous Waste at the Fresno Yosemite Airport every Spring and Fall. For more information click here for the HHW website or call (559) 600-4259

Click Here to see a list of businesses in the Fresno area that recycle small household amounts of CFL bulbs and or Batteries.

Companies that recycle fluorescent bulbs:

Air Cycle Corporation (www.aircycle.com) provides
The "Bulb-eater". A valuable on-site bulb-crushing machine that contains the vapors produced from fluorescent bulbs. This allows for greater employee safety and reduces recycling costs by 50%

Lighting Resources, LLC (www.lightingresourcesinc.com) offers a full-service lamp and ballast transportation operation. This company is designed specifically to handle lamps and ballasts. Vehicles are available to handle your materials regardless of the quantity or location. Please call 1(800) 572-9253 for additional information, quotes, or to schedule a pick-up.

Contacts for Mail back programs:

Websites that offer additional information:

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