Recycling is Important
American Avenue Landfill


Garbage from the gray cart is taken to Cedar Avenue Recycling and Transfer Station. Once garbage has been off-loaded at the transfer station, the garbage is loaded onto large trucks and taken out to American Avenue Landfill in Kerman.

American Avenue Landfill is owned and operated by Fresno County, beginning operation in 1992 for public and commercial solid waste haulers. It is estimated that the landfill will be able to continue operation until 2031 when it will be full and will have to be closed.

American Avenue Landfill is considered a sanitary landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency defines a sanitary landfill as a disposal site for non-hazardous solid waste spread in layers, compacted to the smallest practical volume, and covered by material applied at the end of each operating day.

Below is a list of items that are banned from the American Avenue landfill. Please remember that these items cannot be placed in the gray cart. To dispose of these items or find out when the next Household Hazardous Waste Event will be, contact Fresno County at (559) 262-4259 or click here to visit their Website 

Household batteries
Car Batteries
Computer monitors & TVs
Camcorders & other electronic devices – Can be placed in your Blue Recycling Cart
Chemicals including pesticides, antifreeze, etc…
Tires – See City of Fresno Code Enforcement
Oil – Visit Our Used Motor Oil page for instructions on Recycling
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Construction and Demolition Debris - Visit our C&D Page

For more information about the landfill or to arrange a tour for your group, please call Fresno County, Department of Public Works at (559) 262-4259.