Intelligent Transportation Systems

Improved Air Quality

More green lights and consistant traveling speeds of automobiles decrease vehicle emissions which contributes to the overall improvement in the region's air quality.

Cost Effectiveness

Costs are considerably more to widen a road than to manage an existing one. Major roads can handle traffic more efficiently with advanced management techniques. In fact, good traffic management has been known to increase a roadway's throughput by up to 30% and this contributes to the overall efficiency of the entire transportation system.

Improved Safety

Applying effective management strategies can reduce the number of congestion-related accidents; thereby, increasing overall safety. ITS can also be used to reduce congestion during construction projects increasing  safety for road workers.

Reduced Trip Times

Time spent idling at a red light is not beneficial to anyone. This increases the amount of pollution in the air, fuel consumption, wear and tear on the vehicles, and the amount of time spent waiting in a car. ITS attempts to reduce overall trip times and as a result reduces the negative effects of traffic delays.

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