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Payroll Dialogues

Dialogue Minutes 12/18/14
     Cash-out Provisions by group, State Disability Insurance (SDI), IBEW Standby Pay, New Calendar Year

Dialogue Minutes 5/28/14

     Injury Pay, Union Time, Education Time, End of Fiscal Year, Jury Duty, FMLA, Frozen Sick, New MOU's Blue Collar 01A and CFMEA 14A.

Dialogue Minutes 3/14/12

     Changes for the June 17 pay period, Qualified Nonpersonal-use Vehicle, Leave payoffs at termination, Rounding of reported time, OJI Overpayments

Dialogue Minutes 7/20/11
     SDI, Leave payoffs, Payroll regulations, CashPay cards, Donated leave time, Time and Labor processing sequence

Dialogue Minutes 6/8/10
     End of Fiscal Year, Acting Pay Renewals, FY Changes by Group, Furloughs, E-Pay, Who to go to in Payroll

Dialogue Minutes 12/9/09
     SDI/PFL Reminder, Reminder to Update Employee Addresses, Christmas/New Year's Payroll Processing, Furloughs, On the Job Injury, Payroll Quiz Recognition

Dialogue Minutes 07/22/09
     Voluntary Leave Time, Direct Deposit Forms, Posting Leave Payoffs for Termed Employees, Acting Pay Renewals, Kronos Conversion to PeopleSoft, MOU Updates, Financials and HMRS

Dialogue Minutes 05/15/09
     FMLA, Garnishments

Dialogue Minutes 01/21/09
     CBU and E01 TRCs, Leave for School Functions, FMLA Changes, 529 College Fund, Direct Deposit vs. Credit Union Deduction

Dialogue Minutes 11/20/08
     FCEA MOU Updates

Dialogue Minutes 10/14/08
     Exempt Employees and LWOP, Call Back Pay, Employees Going to 9/80s, Acting Pay, CFPEA MOU, Garnishments
Dialogue Minutes 07-23-08
     Employees Taking Sick and Vacation, Overtime and Taking Leave, Status of MOUs and Reopeners, Payroll Information Booklet

Dialogue Minutes 05-28-08

     Employee Self Service Update, Year End Reminders, General Payroll Reminders, Family Sick

Dialogue Minutes 02-06-08
     Standby Pay, Salary Differential Pay, PeopleSoft Update - New Self Service Features, Prelist Cover Sheet, Address Changes

Dialog Minutes 12/12/2007
     Holiday Deadlines, FCEA Holiday Leave, Upgrade Questions/Updates, Garnishments

Dialog Minutes 10-3-2007

     SDI / PFL

Dialog Minutes 8-8-07
     FMLA, Deadlines, Military Pay

Dialog Minutes 5-16-07
     Tracking Injury Pay and Cal/OSHA, Reporting, Jury Duty

Dialog Minutes 4-4-07
     Payroll Reminders, Garnishments

Dialog Minutes 2-7-07
     Donated Time Dos and Don’ts, OJI Time

Dialog Minutes 12-13-06
     Compensation of Overtime, HR – EAFs, New Year’s Holiday Schedule

Dialog Minutes 11-1-06
     TL Reported Time after Termination, Continuation of Acting Pay, Voluntary Time Off, Holidays

Dialog Minutes 9-20-06
     FLSA, Acting Pay

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