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Application Acceptance Policy

A complete application is required for each recruitment or job opening that is posted. Minimum qualification status is determined by reviewing the information provided in the application. Resumes are considered as additional information and will not be used to evaluate minimum requirements.

All statements made on or in conjunction with applications are subject to investigation and verification. False statements will be cause for disqualification, removal from the eligible list, or discharge from employment.

All statements made on or in connection with an application, including those regarding; education, experience, training, memberships, licenses, certificates, languages, honors and awards are true and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge and belief. All applicants will be required to agree to a Certificate of Applicant prior to submitting an application for employment.

The Selection Process

As a potential applicant for employment, you are about to participate in a series of events collectively called the employment process. Because the goal of the employment process is to obtain qualified candidates to fill City of Fresno positions, examinations are generally administered to each applicant. These examinations are conducted in a variety of ways, share common purpose to test applicants for knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Prospective employees must submit online an application and other documents required as specified in the examination announcement by 11:59 p.m. on the final filing date for any scheduled examination. Final filing dates vary for different jobs and are listed on the front of each examination announcement. A separate application must be submitted online for each job title.

Applicants who meet the qualification standards on or before the posted final filing date are notified by email to take part in the selection process as indicated in the job posting.

Eligible Lists
Eligible lists contain names, in descending order of scores, of applicants who have obtained passing scores in the examination process. Open eligible lists (not limited to City employees) are valid for a maximum of three years. Separate eligible lists are established for each job title.

Pursuant to Civil Service Regulations, most vacancies may be filled from among the top seven candidates on the appropriate eligible list.

Medical Examination
Certain position may require a pre-employment medical examination, including laboratory testing, drug screening and/or psychological examination. This examination will be administered by a City appointed physician. Candidates are cautioned not to quit or give notice to present employers until the medical examination if required, has been completed and passed.

All new employees are required to sign various forms as related to City employment. At this time candidates are also fingerprinted prior to employment. All new employees hired by the City must verify identity and entitlement to work in the United States by providing documentation required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Probationary Period
Employees serve a probationary period, ranging from 6 months to 18 months. If performance is not satisfactory, employee may be terminated without recourse during the probationary period.

Email Address

Effective January 2009, all applicants must have a valid email address in order to complete an on-line application with the City of Fresno. Our primary method of communication will be through email, which will allow for more efficient application processing, scheduling and notification.

There are many on-line sources for setting up a free e-mail account; sources can be found by searching online. If you should need additional assistance in setting up an e-mail account, please contact our office at 559-621-6950.

It is important to regularly check your e-mail account as all communication regarding the status of your application will be conducted via e-mail.