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Why Sign Enforcement?…….

City Ordinances pertaining to sign enforcement are designed to better the appearance of signs located throughout the entire City; as well as make sure signs are placed in a manner consistent with the safety of our citizens.

Who can I call if I have questions


Staff is available in both Community Revitalization and Development Services to answer your questions.
  • Development Services Division – 621-8277
  • Community Revitalization Division – 621-8400


If you have a sign that has been removed, contact Community Revitalization to determine if the City has removed your sign. If it was removed by the City, staff can assist you in determining where to go to pick up any signs in storage and what, if any, fees have been assessed.


In an effort to be responsive to the citizens and to our responsibility under law, the City enforces campaign sign regulations during election season and on a continuing basis throughout the year.  For added information see:  Political Signs


Vacant lots are, unfortunately, places where people will illegally dump garbage, carpets, tires, and other debris. The property owner is responsible for keeping their lot clean. However, there are things that can be done to help prevent dumping from occurring on a private lot in the first place:
  • You can post signs that warn against illegal dumping.
  • Another option is to fence the property.
  • While fencing an entire property may not be practical, a strategically placed fence or barrier on an obvious access path will deter illegal dumpers.
Once dumping has begun on a property, other dumpers will see that it is a place where they can also leave their rubbish. Therefore, keeping the lot clean and immediately picking up dumped piles will usually prevent additional dumping.

People often see vacant lots as car lots –

Places to park the cars that they're trying to sell. Posting a “No Parking” sign is surprisingly effective. A lot, which may have as many as 15 cars on a given weekend will be empty after the sign has been posted.

This information is provided to you to assist in the posting of your property, thus permitting enforcement of various laws and ordinances which relate to each situation. These rules must be followed explicitly, or enforcement may not be possible.


Signs must be a minimum of 17 x 22 inches with letters no smaller than one inch.
  • Signs are not provided by the City. Individuals must have signs made by the method of their choosing.
  • Multiple notices may be placed on the same sign.
  • Signs must be posted at all entrances to the property. If this is not done, enforcement is not possible.
  • It is recommended that signs be covered with plastic sheeting to protect against vandalism. It is cheaper to replace the cover than the sign.
  • As single sign may contain as many prohibitions as desired as long as the minimum dimensions are complied with.

Once a property owner has complied with the requirements regarding posting of their property, police officers may be able to take the specified enforcement actions. This does not mean that officers will automatically apprehend the drinkers, loiterers, or gamblers on posted property. An officer will be able to check out problems on the premises and take appropriate action as time allows. Should the property owner identify a specific problem at a given time and date, they are encouraged to call the police and report the violation(s) so that an officer may be dispatched to investigate.

It is critically important that the public recognize that these “guidelines” are just that. Where references have been made to legal requirements, it is the property owner’s responsibility to review and to follow the law. Keep in mind that the law changes and it is incumbent to keep abreast of changes which may occur, or the property owner could be held financially responsible.

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Additional information can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or on our on-line reporting system.

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