2009 DAC Achievement Award
First Annual DAC Achievement Award

2009 marked the first year that the City of Fresno Disability Advisory Commission (DAC) recognized an individual and an organization that have improved the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in Fresno.

The 2009 individual recipient was Dr. Edwin Eames. Dr. Eames received numerous nominations commending him for his many years of work as an advocate people with disabilities, public transportation and service animal education.

The organizational recipient was LARCS. LARCS is a local orgination with a 52-year history of serving people with developmental disabilities and providing support to organizations like ARC, Addicot School, Break the Barriers, Special Olympics and RATA school.

"I am honored to get to recognize LARCS and Dr. Ed Eames for the extensive work they have done in helping people with disabilities to become full participants in our community" said Bob Hand, Chair of the DAC and Executive Director of the Center for Independent Living. "The type of dedication that both LARCS and Dr. Eames have demonstrated is an inspiration to us all." Both recipients were selected at the DAC's September 14, 2009 meeting and will be honored as part of the commemoration of October as Disability Awareness Month.