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The tasks include litter removal from areas such as Downtown and Chinatown, assisting streetsweeping by hand sweeping areas where mechanical sweepers cannot sweep (e.g. corner drain inlets), and litter removal along the local freeways and major arteries.

The program’s workforce is augmented byutilizing labor from Community Service Workersand volunteers like you.


  • They feel no sense of ownership or pride in their neighborhood or community
  • Litter has already accumulated in a spot, and "no one will notice another piece of litter there."
  • Lack of convenient trash and recycling cans, or unwillingness to use available trash cans.
  • For some smokers, it has become an "accepted norm" to throw used cigarettes butts on the ground.

Litter takes a LONG time to biodegrade. Please DO NOT Litter.


  • Set an example for others by not littering
  • Carry a litterbag in your car
  • Securely cover trash containers to prevent wind or animals from spreading litter
  • Cover and secure any vehicle, truck or trailer to prevent trash from blowing
  • Volunteer ONE TEAM…ONE EFFORT!
  • Organize a clean up in your neighborhood. Need some help? Call (559) 621-1452.

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