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Fire Investigation

The Investigations Section conducts Department Investigations involving: Fire Incidents, Pre-Employment Background Candidates, and Professional Standards Violations. The Deputy Fire Marshal is the Department’s Terrorism Liaison Officer-Coordinator with the Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center. 

Fire Investigations

The mission of the Fire Investigation Section is to prevent fires by identifying the cause of a fire and neutralizing the threat of a similar incident repeating. All FFD qualified Investigators are armed peace officers per California Penal Code section 830.37. FFD Investigators handle fire incidents from ignition through conviction. They are members in good standing with California Conference of Arson Investigators.

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Fire Investigators are responsible to conduct all background investigations for FFD candidates according to California P.O.S.T standards. Candidates are examined for  qualifications and to assure they meet the Department’s standard for legal, ethical and moral compliance. Background Investigators are members in good standing with California Background Investigators Association.

Professional Standards Investigations

Any complaint received by or regarding a member of the FFD, may be assigned by the Fire Chief (or his designee) to the Investigations Section. All professional standards investigations conducted by the Investigations Section are done according to California P.O.S.T and California Firefighter Bill of Rights standards.

FFD Investigations Section Team

The Investigations Section Team includes Staff Investigators that maintain M-F, 40-hour office hours. Scene Investigators are scheduled in 48-hour shifts to provide Investigative services 24/7. The FFD Investigations Section maintains a pool of qualified Reserve Investigators in the Suppression Division to draw from when additional help is needed on-scene or during follow-up.

The Team is supervised by the Deputy Fire Marshal, Chief of Investigations.

How to Reach the Investigations Section:

Investigations Section (559) 621-4440

Obtaining Fire Reports

Copies of fire reports can be obtained at the Fire Prevention Division located at Fire Headquarters, 911 "H” Street, Fresno California 93721. The fee for Incident reports is $3.00 per page and a hard copy narrative is 30 cents per page, payable by cash, check, or money order. The fee for Fire Investigation reports is $303.00

Reporting Arson Crimes

Citizens with information of an arson crime are urged to contact the Investigation Section at (559) 621-4444.