Wastewater Management- Customer Service   Employment Development Program (STEP/EDP)
Rewards businesses that create new employment opportunity in the community.

Employment Development Program (EDP)

Rewards are given as a $ CREDIT amount to be deducted from the total applicable Sewer Facility Charges each billing period for each equivalent full-time employee hired.

The $ CREDIT amount is based on 150 gallons of the flow-based portion of the STEP charges. Over the course of 18 billing periods, the $ CREDIT amount could equate to a fee reduction of up to $510 per equivalent full-time employee.

An "equivalent full-time employee" is defined as one or more persons to which wages were paid over a calendar month totaling 170 hours. The customer is required to submit the EDP application before or upon occupancy. Throughout operation of the business, an EDP application must be submitted every billing period to be eligible for employee credit. The EDP application for the next billing period is included with the current billing invoice.

A business will be required to submit a certification form each billing period in order to receive the EDP CREDIT. Employment certification forms must be received no later than fifteen days after the end of each billing period.