Rebates & Permits

Piggy BankTo receive a water efficiency appliance rebate, please click on one of the links below. Once it downloads, you should print the form and fill it out before sending it to the address listed on the form.

To submit an application for a permit or to notify us of a non-emergency water leak, please click on the appropriate link and fill out online. The permit/notification will be automatically sent to Water Conservation when you click the “submit” button.


Clothes Washer Rebate - High Efficiency, Single Family

Toilet Rebate - WaterSense,
Single Family Residential

Rainwater Harvesting - Rain Barrels. 

Sprinkler Nozzles Rebate - High Efficiency, Residential or Commercial (pdf)

Evaporative Cooler Rebate - Window Mounted Portable, Residential or Commercial (pdf)

Rain Sensor Rebate -
Stop irrigation system during rain
Residential or Commercial

Swimming Pool Cover Rebate -
Save pool water from evaporation
Residential or Commercial

Toilet Rebate - High Efficiency, WaterSense,
Commercial and Multi-Family

Urinal Rebate - High Efficiency, WaterSense,
Commercial and Multi-Family

More Rebates Coming in 2015:
Soil Moisture Sensor System
Mico Irrigation System Retrofit
Smart Irrigation Controller
Recirculating Hot Water Pump
Lawn to Garden Conversion pilot

New Lawn and Plant Permit (pdf)

Swimming Pool Drain Permit (online form)


Car Washes Save Water by Recycling!  Click for coupons.

Red Carpet Car Wash


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