Traffic Engineering
Veterans Boulevard and State Route 99 Interchange
Veterans Boulevard video

Staff Report June 18, 2009
Media Release
Key Facts
Regional Transportation Funding Program - Urban Tier 1
Veteran's Blvd. Public Outreach Report
Project Study Report
Attachment 1: Project Vicinity Map
Attachment 2: SR-99/Veterans Boulevard Interchange PSR Traffic Operations Analysis
Attachment 3: Veterans Boulevard New Connections to SR-99 Traffic Operations and Preliminary Improvement Requirements at Adjacent Interchanges
Attachment 4: Design Year Base Alternative Exhibits
Attachment 5: PSR Level Project Cost Estimates
Attachment 6: SR-99/Veterans Boulevard Interchange Advance Planning Study
Attachment 7: Storm Water Data Report Cover Sheet
Attachment 8: Right of Way Data Sheets
Attachment 9: TMP Data Sheet
Attachment 10: Interchange Alternatives Evaluation
Attachment 11: Veterans Boulevard/Golden State Boulevard Access Alternatives Exhibits
Attachment 12: Preliminary Environmental Analysis Report (PEAR)
Attachment 13: Draft Cooperative Agreement (To be provided)
Attachment 14: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Evaluation Form
Attachment 15: Constructability Review Meeting Attendance Record

Tentative Tract Map
Circulation Map

Public Meeting Exhibit(s):
Veteran's Blvd Interchange Schedule
Veteran's Blvd Alternative 2
Veteran's Blvd Alternative 3
Veterans' Blvd Alternative Base
Veteran's Blvd Jug Handle Alternative
Veteran's Blvd Vicinity Map

Grant Information:
Fresno CTC Alignment
CTC Project Approval
HSR Veterans Co-Op Agreement
FCTA Agreement
CTC Resolution
Caltrans Agreement
Wage Certification
Letters of Support
Cost Estimate of Jug Handle
Cost Estimate of Shaw Ave

Veterans Blvd Corridor Project
Veterans Blvd Corridor Project Transcripts

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Veterans Blvd Draft EIR