Road Maintenance

With the expanding amount of traffic the City of Fresno receives each day, it is necessary for a maintenance program to be in place to ensure travel in Fresno is smooth and safe.

The Street Maintenance Division is committed to the care of public roadways in the following ways:

  • Pothole and Sinkhole Repair
    Formed by traffic and water erosion, potholes and sinkholes can cause serious damage to vehicles. When reporting these hazards, be sure to get the direction you were heading in and if possible the closest address to the pothole or sinkhole, so Street Maintenance crews can find and repair these hazards as fast as possible.


  • Traffic Hazard Clearing
    Debris, spills, and other major traffic hazards can be a safety risk to anyone traveling down a roadway. Crews are available 24 hours a day to respond to these emergencies to ensure traffic can safely pass. Please note that Street Maintenance crews do not pick up illegal dumping in front of a residence or property. Street Maintenance will only clear the pathway for traffic. All illegal dumping calls that are not traffic hazards are the responsibility of code enforcement


  • Storm Drains and City Ponding Basins
    With debris in gutters, drain inlets sometimes get clogged and begin to flood the surrounding areas. The Street Maintenance Division has the equipment to clear the city's drains and ensure inlets are clean to receive water. Street Maintenance also maintains certain city ponding basins and in the event of flooding has pump stations and sites to ensure drainage.


  • Overlay and Slurry
    There are times when streets are damaged beyond standard pothole repair and require extra maintenance. The Street Maintenance Division has an overlay program currently in place, resurfacing such roadways to ensure a smooth ride. Sometimes if damages to the roads are not as severe, slurry seal can be used to extend the life of the roadway by a considerable amount of time.  


Crews patrol the city for hazards, but Street Maintenance mainly depends on the public to notify them of any such hazards. Street Maintenance can be contacted at (559) 621-1492 or electronically submit your service request.