Protect Water Pipes During Freezing Temperatures

When the weather drops to freezing temperatures, water in exposed pipes expands. If the water expands too much, the pipe can burst. Here are some practical measures homeowners can take to safeguard against frozen water pipes and prevent costly plumbing damage.

Water Pipes and Hoses

  • Remove hoses from outside faucets. Shut off water faucets and drain hoses. Leave hoses hanging or store someplace with a constant temperature. This will prolong the life of the hoses.
  • Most in-ground sprinkler pipes will be okay, but if there are any exposed valves or pipes around your home (those most susceptible to freezing), tape them up with insulating materials including rags, newspapers or electric heat tape. Cover the insulation with plastic and tie with string or wire. 
  • Check your irrigation system and turn off or adjust all irrigation run times and spray patterns to avoid creating overspray where dangerous ice could form in the morning or evenings. Do your part to reduce the potential for accidents and liability caused by ice from your irrigation system.


  • Once freezing weather hits, most plants become dormant and their water requirements are low.
  • Cover plant life with burlap, a blanket or polymer sleeves made for plants.
  • Cover smaller plants with mini-greenhouses or ventilated plastic covers.
  • Use mulch at the base of plants to protect roots.

Winter Water Regulations
Follow City of Fresno Winter watering rules. Addresses ending in odd numbers, water only on Saturdays. Addresses ending in even numbers, water only on Sundays.

To report water main leaks or if you need the water shut off to repair leaks on your property, please contact the Water Division at 621-5300.

CONTACT: John Wallace, Public Affairs Office (559) 621-7777
Nora Laikam, Department of Public Utilities (559) 960-4374

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