Monkey Business at the Chaffee Zoo!

FRESNO , CA ( September 13, 2005) – On August 14, 2005, a unique monkey was born at the Chaffee Zoo. A snow white baby was born to Julie, one of three Colobus monkeys exhibited at the zoo. Julie, along with her sister, Margaret, arrived at the Chaffee Zoo in December of 2001 from the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. The baby's father Kiazi arrived only last year from the Philadelphia Zoo. Colobus monkeys are large African monkeys that have black fur with a striking white ring surrounding its face. It also has long white hair on its mantle and a bushy tail. Babies are born completely white and begin to acquire their grayish-black fur around three weeks.

These arboreal monkeys are found in small family groups in the tropical forests of central Africa. They are outstanding jumpers and are able to leap great distances. They are unique in their diet as they eat large amounts of flowers, leaves, and twigs. They have a complex stomach which contains microbes to help digest this high cellulose diet.

At birth the baby was well protected and hidden by its mother but is now beginning to explore its surroundings. It has been a delight for the guests visiting the zoo.

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