City of Fresno's Refugee Housing Liaison at Hmong New Year

FRESNO,CA (December 28,2004) The Refugee Housing Liaison for the City of Fresno will be at the Hmong New Year currently being celebrated at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Fue Houa Thao has been with the City for four months and has played an instrumental role in working with the Hmong refugee population arriving to Fresno from the Wat Tham Krabok Camp in Thailand. Mrs. Thao, who was born in a similar camp in Thailand, is actively engaged in identifying affordable, safe housing opportunities and providing basic living skills training to the new arrivals. She also serves as a point of contact for the various community-based organizations involved in resettlement services. Recently, she attended a Sacramento session where she provided input to policy makers in the Legislature.

Mrs. Thao will be at the City of Fresno's information booth from Monday, December 27 thru Wednesday, December 29, from 10 am to 3pm.

Contact: Michael Sigala, Manager Housing and Community Development Division 621-8505