Private Donation Will Fund Pinedale Pool
An anonymous donor has come forward with a generous donation that will provide enough funds to open the learner pool at the Pinedale Community Center for the rest of the summer. The donation, $7,200, will cover the cost to operate the pool for six weeks. Following the end of the 2009 swim season, the Pinedale pool had remained empty.

“The City of Fresno is tremendously grateful for this generous donation because it will have a significant impact on residents of the Pinedale area,” said Mayor Swearengin. “It’s just another example of how Fresnans are stepping up and making contributions that are helping to strengthen our City.”

Fresno United Neighborhoods (FUN), the non-profit arm of the PARCS Department, had already initiated a campaign to re-open all learner pools by 2013 and was elated at the news. “FUN is overwhelmed at the response from the community and the generosity of these donors. This will allow Pinedale to open for the rest of this season and will give us a significant jump start on our campaign to get all five learner pools back in operation for 2013,” said FUN Chairmen Chris Campbell.

City workers have been mobilized and will clean and prep the Pinedale pool over the next several days. The City aims to have it open by Sunday, July 15. Once it is back in full operation, the pool will open daily from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and there is no charge to swim.

In addition to the first sizeable donation, FUN has received dozens of donations from $5 to $100 and even another potential $7,000 donor that would like to have the funds set aside for next year’s Pinedale pool operation. Donations can be directed to Fresno United Neighborhoods, 559-621-4FUN.