Public Hearing Set for Fresno Area Express Fare Increase Proposal

The Fresno City Council will consider a proposal next week to increase Fresno Area Express (FAX) fares for the first time in 10 years. The Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on December 16 at 1:30 p.m. to discuss the changes, which are being recommended by FAX to offset increased transit operating costs and declining revenues.

FAX has not increased fares since 2001 and Handy Ride fares have remained unchanged for 20 years. Under the proposal, the standard fare on FAX would rise from $1.00 to $1.25 effective in early January. The new fare would still fall below the average rate of $1.50 for all systems in California.

The proposed Handy Ride fare would increase to $2.50 under the proposal, which is the average paratransit fare for all transit systems statewide. The current Handy Ride fare of 75 cents was last adjusted in 1990.

“The proposed fare increase will help to ensure the continuation of essential public transit services in our community,” said Ken Hamm, Director of Transportation.

The fare increases being put forward by FAX are less than those recommended by the City’s Transit Rates and Services Committee, which has been reviewing the FAX fare structure and operations since February of this year. FAX management, however, determined that a smaller increase would be sufficient to address current challenges while keeping fares reasonable for all transit users.

If adopted, the changes would become effective January 10, 2011.


Transit Base Cash Fare – One-way Trip $1.00 $1.25
Metro Pass, Monthly – Unlimited Trips – Fresno/Clovis $40.00 $48.00
Special Rider Pass, Monthly – Unlimited Trips $10.00 $24.00
School Field Trip Fee $14.00 $25.00
Transit Identification Cards $2.00 $3.00
Handy Ride Basic Rate – ADA Certified Persons – One-way Trip 75¢ $2.50
Handy Ride Passengers with Eligible Rider – One-way Trip 75¢ $2.50
Senior Citizen (65 & Over) / Disabled Cash Fare – One-way Trip 35¢ 60¢
Token (Prepaid Cash Fare) – One-way Trip 85¢ $1.25
Senior Citizen (65 & Over) / Disabled Pass, Monthly $10.00 $24.00
Handy Ride Monthly Pass – ADA Certified Persons – Maximum of 42 One way Trips Per Month $25.00 $60.00

Special Rider Cash Fare – One-way Trip New 60¢
Tokens (Prepaid Cash Fare) – One-way Trip – 20 Token Roll New $22.50
Tokens (Prepaid Cash Fare) – One-way Trip – 50 Token Roll New $55.00
Transfers – May Be Used For a Maximum of 1.5 Hours and Subject to FAX Policies and Procedures New 10¢
Bus Schedule/Guide New 25¢

Lunch Time Trolley Fare – One-way Trip 75¢ Eliminate
Paper Tickets 85¢ Eliminate
Day Pass – Unlimited Trips $2.40 Eliminate
Senior Citizen / Disabled – Day Pass – Unlimited Trips $1.20 Eliminate
Convenience Pass, Monthly – Unlimited Trips $35.00 Eliminate
Convenience Pass – Last Half of the Month $17.50 Eliminate
Handy Ride General Public – One-way Trip $3.75 Eliminate