Fresno Awarded $95,000 Federal Grant to Support Expansion of Food Manufacturing Industry
FRESNO – Mayor Ashley Swearengin today announced that the City of Fresno has been awarded a $95,000 federal grant to help expand the Fresno region’s food manufacturing industry.

The grant will allow the city to assess the land and infrastructure needed for a “shovel-ready” industrial food manufacturing district for companies looking to expand and/or relocate in Fresno.

The grant was awarded through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

“Fresno is the ideal location for food-related companies to start, expand and locate,” Mayor Swearengin said. “ “We’re already home to over 100 food processing companies in our city, and Fresno County produces 350 different crops and feeds over a third of the world's population every year.

“Expanding the food manufacturing industry will have significant benefits for our region by creating jobs and diversifying our economic base. Being ‘shovel ready’ with land and infrastructure is a key ingredient for job growth and economic development in Fresno.”

As part of the City of Fresno’s involvement in the federal Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) program, job creation through expanding Fresno’s food manufacturing has been designated a top priority for Mayor Swearengin’s administration. The federal SC2 team played a critical role in helping the City obtain the grant, Mayor Swearengin said.

In May, the City launched, a website targeted at food manufacturing companies outside the Fresno region that are looking to expand or move their operations to Fresno. The website provides detailed information about the region, the City’s infrastructure, logistics and the labor market.

Food-related businesses also are featured at the City of Fresno’s annual Food Expo, which connects local food-related companies with regional, national and international buyers. At the 2012 Fresno Food Expo, exhibitors from 86 San Joaquin Valley food and wine companies were able to display their products to more than 400 buyers.

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