City Asks Public To Help Prevent Copper Wire Theft

The City of Fresno Public Works and Police Departments ask residents to report suspected theft of copper wire.

Like many agencies throughout the country, the City of Fresno Public Works Street Maintenance Division has spent a considerable amount of public resources to combat copper wire theft from street light poles. Copper wire theft poses a safety hazard as neighborhoods and thoroughfares are left in the dark.

Signs of possible missing copper wire would include:

  • A number of street lights are out in a row
  • The concrete service box lids at or near each light pole are missing, open or broken
  • If suspicious individuals are standing next to street lights during the day or at night
  • If tools or equipment are left near the street lights
  • If you notice large amounts of copper wire being taken into a recycling center

Residents are asked to call the non-emergency 621-CITY line if they notice any of the signs listed above. If residents suspect a suspicious individual hanging around in the area or are witness to the theft of copper wire, please contact the Police Department at 621-7000 immediately.

Having the support of residents will help maintain public safety and the resources needed to continue providing the best services to our community.

CONTACT: Rhonda Jorn, Public Affairs Manager (559) 621-7777 Patti Miller, Public Affairs Administrator 621-7795

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