City Officials, CCSPCA Hold ‘Productive’ MeetingOn Animal Services Issue; Will Meet Again Next Week
FRESNO – Mayor Ashley Swearengin and City Manager Mark Scott today said the City held “a productive meeting” with Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CCSPCA) officials to discuss the future of animal services in Fresno. Discussions will continue next week.

Mayor Swearengin said the City has asked CCSPCA to consider a six-month extension to provide animal services and that CCSPCA officials were open to considering the request. CCSPCA officials will discuss the City’s request with board members before next week’s meeting.

“It’s clear that the City, the CCSPCA and our community partners are all working in the best interest of the animal community,” Mayor Swearengin said. “While this has been a difficult journey over the past several months, I am optimistic that the end result will be an overall enhancement in animal services that are available to Fresno residents. I believe everyone is committed to working in a collaborative way to reach that goal.”

Scott emphasized that the public should expect no changes in service levels while the City continues we continue to work with the CCSPCA.

"We need to take the time to do this right, and to provide the best collective partnership for animal care that we can given our resource constraints," Scott said.

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