About Wastewater Management - Frequently Asked Questions
Safe, Reliable TreatmentWho runs the wastewater treatment plant?How reliable is the treatment facility?How is the quality of treated wastewater ensured?
Safe, Reliable Treatment  
Protecting public health and the environment are top concerns for all of us at the Fresno/Clovis Regional Water Reclamation Facility. We are proud of the expertise of our staff and the reliability of our wastewater treatment facility. Some common questions:
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Who runs the wastewater treatment plant?  
Highly trained, experienced, State-certified treatment plant operators employed by the City of Fresno are on duty 24 hours a day, every day, to oversee treatment plant processes, and to react promptly to any unusual condition. Many controls of treatment processes are highly automated requiring a great deal of technical expertise. Other processes require manual controls which rely on the operators frequent physical presence to observe conditions and make adjustments. Weekends, holidays, and at the wee hours of the morning...operators are carefully monitoring every aspect of the facility.
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How reliable is the treatment facility?  
Reliability at the Fresno/Clovis Regional Water Reclamation Facility is very high. The plant is staffed 24 hours a day with operators who are able to respond to any situations that arise. Critical treatment processes are designed with redundant equipment, which means that if a mechanical or electrical component fails, a spare is waiting to take its place. Mechanical and electrical staff members are on-call 24 hours a day in case of a failure that requires their immediate assistance. Maintenance staff aggressively cares for the equipment to predict and prevent breakdowns, further adding to the reliability of the facility.
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How is the quality of treated wastewater ensured?  
Our on-site instrumentation provides information and records data on wastewater quality around the clock. Information is collected and stored automatically in a database for evaluation by our operational process specialists. Samples are collected and analyzed by certified laboratory technicians in our on-site, State-certified laboratory. This information is also added automatically to our operational database. Independent laboratories periodically verify quality as well.
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