At Your Service
Fun Facts

Containers Serviced

Each WEEK we service over 103,000 homes picking up over 4,465 tons of green waste, recyclables, and trash.  We also service over 6,900 businesses and 2,450 apartment complexes and condominiums picking up over 3,675 tons of recycling and trash every week!

Miles Driven

Each MONTH our residential drivers drive more than 124,000 miles. This would be the same as driving around the world almost 5 times.

Every WEEK Our commercial drivers drive over 16,000 miles.  This would be the same as driving across the United States more than 5 times.

Number of Carts

If all the carts in Fresno were placed side by side they would run all the way from Fresno to San Jose, about 146 miles.

Phone Calls

Our phone clerks answer over 65,000 calls every year.  That adds up to approximately 250 calls a day.

Outreach and Education

The City's Recycling Team attends approximately 50 outreach events, gives 100 educational presentations, and visits just under 5,000 businesses every year!  If you have an event that you would like us to attend please call our Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.