Sewer Maintenance


Mission Statement

We provide high quality wastewater collection,treatment and reclamation services professionally and competitively to present the enviornment and ensure the health, safety and economic vitality of our community. 

Wastewater System

The City of Fresno’s wastewater system serves more than 440,000 residents, and thousands of businesses. The wastewater collection system is a network of sewer lines ranging in size from 6 inches to 84 inches in diameter. These lines collect and transport the wastewater that leaves your home or businesses through toilets, sinks and drains. Millions of gallons of wastewater travel through sewer lines daily to reach the City’s Wastewater Treatment plant for processing.

The Sewer Maintenance division is responsible for maintain the city’s 1,400 miles of sewer lines and 15 sewer lift stations. Maintenance crews clean and perform repairs daily on these sewer main lines to keep them free of obstructions and debris.