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City of Fresno
Water Waste Reporting
City of Fresno, Department of Public Utilities, Water Division Water Waste reports response Call (559) 621-5480, the Conservation Hotline, if you observe over-watering. We can send someone to investigate the situation. To make efficient use of limited staff, here is some information that you can provide which will be helpful:  
**Address of water waste, along with major cross streets. If you do not have an exact address, provide as much location information as possible.
**Date and time that you observed the over-watering.  
**What you actually observed.  Examples: Was the water running in the gutter?  Approximately how long had it been running?  Was the over-watering from irrigation, an open hose, a broken sprinkler? 
**If you have observed over-watering at this location in the past, please provide that information also.

If you would like to send a photo showing the waste please email them to:

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