Starting A Business In Fresno

Fresno Start Up
Are you thinking of starting a business? The City of Fresno is here to help. We offer the Fresno Start-Up Guide as a free resource to help future business owners get started on the right track.

This guide will help future business owners:

  • Get Started
  • Build their Business Plan
  • Choose their Business Structure
  • Register Their Business
  • Provide all Tax and Licensing Information both at the local, state and federal levels
  • Give helpful tools to guide future business owners on hiring employees, leveraging resources and keep up with ongoing registration requirements.
  • Provide contact information for all local, state and federal agencies

Fresno Start Up Guide Spanish and English

License, Permits and Taxes
When starting a business it is imperative to make sure all questions are answered and all of the proper forms are filled out to start your business in Fresno.

This link will help future business owners acquire:

  • Tax Certificates
  • Business License Code Certificates
  • Business License & Tax Certificate Applications
  • New Business License Certificate
  • City of Fresno Planning and Development Permits on-line
  • Street Work and Utility Permits

Licenses, Permits & Taxes

Apply for a Fictitious Business Name
This must be done through the County of Fresno

City of Fresno Loan Programs