Local Business Initiatives- Growing our Local Businesses
A strong local business community is vital to a healthy community- providing the most private sector jobs and serving as the backbone to our local economy as it shapes our City’s unparalleled character.

The Local Business Initiatives Goal:
Our goal is to foster a business-friendly City through innovative policies and initiatives that support our mission to create a sustainable and diverse economy where our unique culture combined with innovation and entrepreneurship serve as the foundation for our business community.

How do we get there?
Through the Local Business Initiatives, the City of Fresno is taking an innovative approach to our economic development practices focusing on best practices that support both existing local businesses and an environment where entrepreneurship thrives. In order to accomplish these goals the efforts of the local business initiatives are as follows:

Serving as an advocate for the local business community inside City Hall by promoting the economic value that local business contributes to our City and constantly striving to establish a business-friendly environment inside City Hall.

Educating our community about why it is important to support locally owned, independent business as a means to establishing a sustainable and diverse economy.

Connecting local businesses to valuable resources that will help foster a sustainable and growing local business community.

An opportunity for local businesses to shine

Business industries working together to find common solutions

* Please join the Independent Restaurant and Retailers Affinity Group in welcoming the American Independent Business Alliance on June 18, 2010 for a half day local business summit. Please click here for more information

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on these initiatives, please contact Amy Huerta, Local Business Initiatives Manager at amy.huerta@fresno.gov or 621-8362.