Prime Time For Business

An Opportunity for Local Businesses to Shine

In early 2009 the office of Fresno City Council President, Cynthia Sterling and the Department of Community and Downtown Revitalization presented the “Prime Time for Business.” Prime Time for Business was created specifically to afford local businesses the opportunity to showcase their business live at Fresno City Council meetings.

The local businesses are chosen by set criteria and given the chance to make a ten minute public presentation to the Fresno City Council and representatives from City departments. As part of the regular Council meetings the presentations are also broadcast live on Comcast and available through the internet. The ten minute presentation gives the chosen business an opportunity to present their success story and explain why they continue to do business in Fresno.

This local business initiative has been offered to Fresno’s local business community for the purpose of giving local businesses the opportunity to showcase their successes and bring attention to the local businesses that currently thrive in the City’s very own backyard.

The truth is there are many businesses that reside in Fresno that are not given the opportunity to truly showcase their talents. Many go unrecognized as they continue to add to our economy and employ our residents. As part of Mayor Swearengin’s efforts, the City of Fresno continues to strive to promote and enhance the local business climate because local companies are the backbone to our economy.

The criteria to be chosen as one of the PrimeTime for Business extraordinaire are:

Existing Businesses

  • Locally owned (must have a business license registered with the City of Fresno).
  • Customer base must do at least 25% of its business outside the City limit.
  • The business must employ at least 10 local employees.
  • The business must do business with at least one other local company consistently. 
  • Businesses have been in existence for three or more years
  • Enterprise and Empowerment Zone businesses are encouraged

Start-up businesses

  • Locally-owned
  • Will remain headquartered in Fresno
  • High growth potential companies
  • Tech, Green, Water Tech companies
  • Women and Minority owned businesses encouraged
  • Companies that will bring profits into the community

Would you like to nominate your business for PrimeTime?
Fill out the application below and either:

E-mail it to:
Mail to: City of Fresno
Downtown and Community Revitalization Department
2600 Fresno Street, Room 2156-02
Fresno, CA 93721
Attn: Amy Huerta


PrimeTime for Business Past Recipients:

Ohanyan's Inc. (12/10/2009)

Electronic Recyclers (11/17/2009)

Valley Decorating Co. (10/22/09)  


Me-N-Ed's (10/01/2009)

Mathews Harley Davidson (9/17/2009) (8/20/2009)

Janz Dry Cleaning (7/16/2009)

Bouquet of Fruits (6/4/2009)

Keiser (5/21/2009)
Pure Sense (5/7/2009)


Band of Neighbors (4/23/09) 

POLLSTAR (4/7/09)